Our members sends us stuff from time to time and reminds us of the good life in Canada. This is one case in particular. This member, a gramdma of 3 angels. This is what she wrote to us. I felt like living it unedited. Who can express the enthusiasm more than nanna……. HI ALL!!!!! Joe Zammit I forgot to mention about Andrew's (our grandson) adventure on Saturday. I'm not sure if we ever mentioned it before that Denis (his dad) a HABS’s fan so last Saturday the Montreal Canadians were in town to play a game so Denis made arrangements with someone that he knows; a Maple Leaf hockey coach or someone like that, not the head coach, to take Andrew to watch the Habs practice in the morning. He did not only watch them practice but he had a picture taken with Andrew's favourite player Saku Koivu #11 and Saku also gave Andrew one of his Hockey sticks. Do you believe it ???? Not only that, Andrew was wearing a Habs Jersey and Koivu and some other players put their autograph on his jersey. You can imagine how happy Andrew must have felt. The day was complete because that same day, in the afternoon, Andrew had a hockey game and his team won the game and the game the Leafs played that same day against The Montreal Canadians !! Guess who won that game!!! 1 guess please !! The Montreal Canadians did and Saku Koivu scored the winning goal. Should I be crying??? Hey if it made our Andrew happy I certainly won't shed any tears for the Leafs. So did you like Andrew's adventure? I'm sure January 28th will remain a special day for Andrew for a long time to come. Am I bragging? Maybe and enjoying every minute of it.!!! Ciao!! Nancy ................................................. Well done Andrew, This is Joe who kept fixing your MP3 in GOZO.