Pasta Lunch

Mother’s Day/ Victoria Day Lunch At “Ir Razzett by the Windmill” Xaghra, Gozo Sunday May 17th at 11.30am All you can eat Pasta Menu: Spaghetti with tomato or meat sauce Ravioli with tomato or meat sauce Fettuccini with white sauce ................... Water, soft drinks, beer and wine .................... Coffee and Sweet Table This year we will be honoured with the presence of our friend and supporter Mr. Albert Vella and his wife Therese who will be visiting from Canada. >>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<< A note to our members and friends from the main Island; Rooms at ‘Ir Razzett by the Windmill’ will be available for that weekend at the special price of 12 euro per person per night there are 6 bedrooms available.(5 rooms are with an ensuite and the kitchen will be shared for that weekend) Tickets: 10 Euro for adults ><>< 5 Euro for children under 12 years For tickets please call or sms Alfred at 99246043 and Connie at 21564268 or email at Thank you for your continuous support.


An other successful


In Gozo

July 1st 2009


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WELCOME canada edited .mp3

Dear Members and Friends

Our Story starts back in 1995 when Alfred and Lily Camilleri hosted a Canada Day BBQ at their Farmouse called IR-RAZZETT by the Xaghra Windmill called also Ta' Kola. It was a wonderful evening, music and lots of food. All present had showed interest to form some kind of a club, an organisation to orgainise the many returning emigrants to Gozo. There was already an association in Malta, but there was a strong feeling that the Gozitan returning emigrants should be an identy and have their own association,

What happened from that time, it's commented by our Secretary Mr. Alfred Camilleri in his first editorial in the first News Letter dated in June 1997. Here it is...........

Communications is one of the most important things that an organization needs to survive and reach its objective. Each one of us has to know what happened, what is happenng and the plans for the future.

To day we are very proud that after only six months as an association, we now have our own News-Letter which will be published quorterly. We must not forget to thank and also give support to our sposors, those who are advertising in our News-Letter especially the Bank of Valletta for their continouus support.

At our July 1st./96 Canada Day celebrations all those attending knew that we do need to be more organized. The same day I was approached by quite a few people who volunteered to help, and a few weeks later an interim committe was formed, and as you all know we haven't looked back since.

A General Membership Meeting was called and held on November 10th. 1996, and the Maltese Canadian Association (Gozo Branch) was formed.

Christmas dinner on December 1996 was a beautiful occasion and a pleasure to see so many Maltese Canadians together, happy and having fun.

Another occasion that brought us together was the feast of St. Paul the Apostle, and again the enthusiasm and support was of great encouragement.

In the last few months we, the Committee put our energy to finish our logo so that we can get our stationery printed such as the membership cards, which each member is receiving with this News-Letter. We planned and shopped around to find a good place with a good deal to Celebrate Canada Day and also to go ahead with the News-Letter.

In this News-Letter you will find a membership form for those who wish to join, we urge our members to encourage their friends to joined and also those who haven't joined yet to fill this form and send it or give it to one of the committee members

We already heard about some of the difficulties facing Maltese Canadians in Malta, we are and will be doing all our best, but we urge you to be members of this association, the more we are the better chance we can be heard.

Tickets for Canada Day are now available, remember that the number is limited, so book early not to be disappointed

See you all July 1st.

Viva l-Canada. Viva Malta

Alfred Camilleri



  • Joe Zammit                         President
  • Alfred Camilleri                  Secretary
  • Joe Zahra                            Assistant Secretary
  • Bill McGoey                       Vice President
  • Joe Portelli                          Treasurer
  • Camileri Edwin
  • Grima connie
  • M.Assunta Zerafa               Committee Members



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comino day trip was a sucessful event

please have a look at the photo album prepared by

alfred camilleri


Manwel tabone










MCA GOZO - General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2007


The General Meeting was held on Sunday April 15th at the NGO Centre.


This is our 11th year, 18 members attended this meeting, it was an interesting meeting since all those present took part in our discussions and gave their input.


One item that is mentioned each year is the lack of participation from our members at our activities. Those present were updated with our situation with our Canadian born Maltese from whom we are collecting information so that we will proceed with our formal contacts with the Maltese and Canadian authorities.


Our next event is going to be our annual Hike on Comino all details will be ready in a few days and sent out to all our members and plans are on the way for Canada Day on July 1st 2007.


The election for the new executive committee was also held during this meeting the committee is as follows:


President…..                 Joe Zammit

Vice president….          Edwin Camilleri

Secretary……              Alfred Camilleri

Treasurer…..                Connie Grima

Asst. Treasurer….         Rita Camilleri

Asst. Secretary….         Marlene Muscat

Directors:                      Muscat Michael

                                     Tabone Emanuel

                                     Zammit Rose





Press Release


The Maltese Canadian Association (Gozo) has been aware about the hardships that the children of the returned Maltese emigrants had to face when they were forced to renounce the citizenship of their birthplace to enjoy the rights and privileges as the rest of the Maltese citizens.


After several contacts from our members, now we are asking all those Canadian born who had to renounce their Canadian Citizenship before the Maltese law was changed in the year 2000 and wish to get it back to contact us, we can collect all the necessary data, so that we will be able to start and try to help them regain it.


Please contact the secretary, Alfred Camilleri, by email at or by mail, at ‘Trillium’ Alley #1, Racecourse Street, Xaghra, Gozo, XRA 104, or download the form from our website http://www.mcagozo/ and mail it to the secretary.






Alfred Camilleri







To whom it may concern:


Since you already showed the interest of regaining your Canadian Citizenship, please fill up the enclosed form and mail it back to us.


In the coming weeks The Maltese Canadian Association (Gozo) will be in contact with the Canadian Consulate in Malta and also with the Maltese Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding this unhappy situation.


Thank you for your co operation


Yours truly,




Alfred Camilleri







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Was another successful one this year, we would like to share with you all , the photos taken by

Achilles Attard of Mississauga

Manuel Tabone of Qala


Joe Zammit of Marsalforn


you can view these photo ( still in the uploading) on CANADA DAY 2006 ALBUM




FR. JIMMY ZAMMIT - Ordained by Bishop Cauchi in Gozo - 1981


Dear Friends,


It may be hard to believe but twenty five years have passed since my ordination at St. Anthony’s Church in Gozo, Malta on June 13th 1981.


Since you have shared in this gift that the Lord has given me, I would like to invite you to join the friars, my family and friends in any of the following events you feel might be good for you:


Sunday June 4th at 12 noon

Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Paul the Apostle Church

3224 Dundas Street West, Toronto

You are invited to join us in the Hall afterwards

for some light refreshments.


Tuesday June 13th at 7pm

Mass of Thanksgiving at Immaculate Conception Church

4 Richardson Ave, Toronto

You are invited to join us in the Hall afterwards

for some light refreshments.


Thursday June 29th at 10 am

Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Mary of Jesus Church

St. Paul Street, Rabat, Malta

You are invited into the friary cloister

for some light refreshments.


Any priests or deacons who would like to join in the liturgical celebration are invited to bring an alb and red stole at St. Paul’s & St. Mary of Jesus or a white stole at Immaculate Conception.


In June and July I will also be visiting Rome and London, England.  I hope to meet some of you on these two stops revisiting the places that God gave me the privilege of serving.


I also realize that some of you will not be able to make any of these celebrations.  I would be happy if you could remember me in your prayers.



Jimmy Zammit, OFM


P.S.      If you know of anyone who would like to join us please feel free to pass on

this information to them.

The New Chief Representative of BOV in Toronto

The Maltese Canadian Association - Gozo Welcomes Mr. Emmanuel Ciappara to his new post as Chief Representative of the Bank of Valletta Toronro Representative Office. The BOV Toronto Representative Office is Our Sponsor.


From left to right Mr. Alfred Camilleri Secretary Mr. Joe Zammit President Mrs. Rose Zammit and Mrs. Lilly Cammilly commettee members, On board the Canadian vessel THE HMCS ATHABASKAN that was berted in valletta, Pinto Wharf. The Association was invited by Commoder Denis Rouleau, the Commander Standing nato maritime Group 1.

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we were featured in this Canadian Magazine in 1994.



On the November/December 2004 issue of The Canadina Geographic Magazine, Ms Monique Roy-Sole wrote about our Association in the article called MOSAIC and they are found on pages 170 to 176 with faboulas pictures by photographer David Trattles




It's not unusual to spot Canadian flags or to here the strains of "O CANADA!" on July 1 on Gozo, a tiny Maltese island in the Mediterranean shout of Sicily. Canada Day, for 80 members families of the Gozo Branch of the Maltese Canadian Association, is a channce to celebrate their "second homeland." Most are returned emigrants from Canada.

The group was formed in 1996 after Alfred Camilleri, a Gozo native who spend 30 years working for Canada Post in Toronto, moved back to the island and threw a Canada Day poolside party that attracted nearly 100 people, Since then, the association has organised July 1 festivities and other events to maintain its Canadain ties

Camilleri is one of about 140,000 people - almost half of Malta's population - who left their devastated contry in the decades followingt the Second World War. As the European natons's economy recovered in the late 1970's , many returned. Observing Canada's national holiday, says Camilleri, "is a way to say thanks to the country that welcomed us with open arms and gave us a chance for a better life. Personally, I also learned a lot. Canada taught me how to respect and accept other people's beliefs and cultures.

Monique Roy-Sole

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At a rooftop restaurant  in the Calypso Hotel, overlooking the resort town of Marsalfron (above), members of the Maltese-Canadian community on Gozo sit down to a candlelit Canada Day dinner. The hotel's name evokes the island's mythology: Gozo is thought to be the legendary island where Calypso entertained Odysseus in Homer's "Odyssy."

One could see a beautiful view of most of the Island, and Dave Trattles the photographer made sure you can even see up to the Citadel Castle in Victoria the capital.


Earlier in the day, Rita Camilleri decked out the restaurant in the MAPLE LEAF.


Red and White are the colours of the day as friends and relatives gather to swap stories and celebrate thier Canadian kinship.


Edwin and Rita Camilleri, Alfred Camilleri (no relation to Edwin and Rita) and Marlene Muscat (above, left to right) cool down in the surf at the Azure Window, an arched rocky outcrop framing the Mediterranean at Dwejra. Muscat's husband, Michael (bottom next) wearing  Toronto Blue jays ball cap, takes in a glorious dusky sky over calm waters. Known for its natural splendour, the island of Gozo is also steeped in ancient history. It is the site of the Ggantija Temples, dated at 3600 to 3000 BC and thought to be the oldest free-standing structures in the world.



All laced up and no place to play. members of Team Malta, Pirates of the Mediterranean (above), take an ice cream break at the Centru Laburista (Labour Party Club) in the fising village of Marsaxlokk on the Island of Malta. The hockey team, comprised mainly of Canadian expats of Maltese origin, was formed by a group of elite players after the country's sole ice rink closed in 2003.

Malta is now one of only two Europwean contries without a rink, and the nation's International Ice Sports Association is hoping to change that, In the meantine, Team Malta plays road kockey, pmpeted in international ice-hockey tournaments and is considering ice time at a new rink in Sicily, a 90-minute ferry ride away. Here they are in uniform ans skaes for a team photo (below next)



As the National anthem playes on a portable CD Player, Edwin Camilleri raises the Canadian flag (above) to lounch Gozo's Canada Day festivities, The ceremony takes place by the Gozitan Emigrants memorial at Mgarr marina in Gljansielem. The rock monument, erected by the maltese Canadian Association in 2002, i dedicated to the thousands of Gozitans who emigrated from this harbour. its inscription, written in maltese-a Semitic language heavily influenced by italian - is in memory 9f those who left their homland to " look for a better life in the country that welcomes them".


At the Canada Day dinner in Marsalfron, cousins Justin Micallef  and Jessica Bonello who live on Gozo, pay tribute to their mothers' Canadian roots


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